1 x 120/70-17 & 2 x 180/55-17 ZR Avon Storm 2 Ultra Motorcycle Tyres 3-Pack NEW

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1 x 120/70-17 & 2 x 180/55-17 ZR Avon Storm 2 Ultra Motorcycle Tyres 3-Pack NEW

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1 x 120/70-17 & 2 x 180/55-17 ZR Avon Storm 2 Ultra Motorcycle Tyres 3-Pack NEW


1 x 120/70ZR17 (58W) AV55 & 2 x 180/55ZR17 (73W) AV56Avon STORM-2 Ultra.

(1 x Front & 2 x Rear Motorcycle Tyre Set.)

The Long-Lasting, All Weather, High-Performance Sports / Touring Tyre To Replace The Storm-ST Range.

The Storm-2 Ultra replaces the Storm-ST and builds on its predecessor's talents.  Employing what's called 'Reactive Footprint' (RF) technology, the Storm-2 Ultra produces a footprint that changes size and shape depending on the bike's lean angle, growing in size the further over the bike goes. It means you get high grip through the corners yet in a straight line have a footprint which increases the Storm-2 Ultra’s lifespan.  Avon's RF technology questions the need for dual compound tread, which has uneven wear patterns associated with it.

The wet weather performance of the Storm-2 Ultra is outstanding, thanks in part to the tyre's Super-Rich Silica (SRS compound).  The extremely high Silica content delivers optimum grip in the wet and dry.  It also has the added benefit of warming up quickly.

On the front tyres, the Storm-2 Ultra benefits from Inverted Front Grooves (IFG) that resist stepped wear and cupping, ensuring smooth handling for the life if the tyre and improving wet weather braking.  The Enhanced Aqua Flow (EAF) pattern of the rear tyre also increases your safety and confidence in wet conditions. 

Incorporates the very latest bike tyre technology 'Reactive Footprint'. The tyres contact patch changes size and shape depending on the lean angle - for the life of the tyre.

Utilises a new STEEL wind-on belt construction & MULTI-COMPOUND tread on the rear tyres to further enhance mileage capability by another 12% !

The NEW Storm-2 Ultra is 100% compatible with the Storm-ST in ANY mixed fitments.
Unique construction means excellent performance combined with very long life.
'Super Rich Silica' rubber compound gives superb wet road grip.
Front tread optimised for shorter stopping distances in the wet.
Excellent stability and handling whatever the lean angle.

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